Maritime Specialist 

Our centre of competences relies upon the resources of 150+ people; including engineers specialized in software development and system engineering within the maritime surveillance domain.

Thanks to 30 years of experience and over 250 systems delivered to fully satisfied Customers worldwide, STYRIS range is a key asset and we are able to provide tailored solutions and services to meet specific Customers’ needs. This includes System Design, Operational and Risk assessment studies, sensor trials and selection, performance analysis, delivery and subsequent In Service Support.

System Integrator

We are acting as System Integrator providing technology developped 100% in house. STYRIS® - our third generation solution, is already demonstrating its world class capabilities in flexibility, ease of use and real time output to Operators and decision makers alike. It is used also in non-maritime domains such as Air Surveillance, Land surveillance and site parametric surveillance.

Manufacturer of Technologies

The history of our expertise dates back to the late 1980’s through our introduction of real-time radar digitization processing technology using standard computer hardware a unique feature at that time. This technology was quickly applied to the difficult tasks of maritime radar tracking and changed the course of the industry’s technology and performance capabilities.

Additional technologies were introduced over the ensuing years to a larger and larger end-user base in all surveillance applications. Among these specific products offered:

Radar signal digitizing and filtering board
A Maritime Information System in different Editions
VoIP solutions and equipment for integrated control of communications sub-systems where multiple people, voice and data sources share a common network
Digital Selective Call (DSC) Modem
Maritime Electro-optical processing and remote control chain with:
  • Manual and automatic scenario CCTV platform control
  • Telemetry Box – CCTV
  • Target tracking capability
  • Integrated CCTV (incl. Augmented Reality, Panoramic View and automated watch)
  • Video Content Analysis tools
Mobile solutions


STYRIS RoIP Smart Keyboard
STYRIS Voice Communication System

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