Innovation and leading edge technology is core for STYRIS
With its strategic geographical location at La Ciotat (South of France, near port of Marseille), our Innovation, Research & Development Centre benefits from an exceptional location to perform maritime sensors tests and qualifications.

  • Testing new sensors and equipment in their maritime environment
  • Developing next generation process chains to maximize the performance of every sensor
  • Providing real-time environment demonstrations and training sessions.

STYRIS Unique Test Range
Ideally based with a direct overview of the sea, the facility is equipped with an outdoor platform that takes advantage of many “targets of opportunity” for trials and experimentation (such as leisure boats, yachts, Corsica Ferries, Canadair fire-fighters etc.)
Our R&D budget can reach 10% of yearly turnover. R&D roadmap relies on 50+ researchers and software developers.

Our staff develops also ambitious Research and Development programmes in cooperation with its customer community targeting to develop its internal expertise, anticipate future operational needs and to simplify daily operation. These investments have led to STYRIS, the 3rd generation product line meeting the new maritime safety and security challenge.

Our experts actively participate to international development programmes for new maritime systems, through VTS IALA VTS and E-navigation committees and collaborative projects such as:  
•    PERSEUS, Protecting EuRopean Seas and borders through the intelligent USe of surveillance
•    CWIX, NATO systems interoperability 
•    MIELE, Multimodal Interoperability E-services for Logistics and Environment sustainability
•    COSINUS, Cooperative Shipping and Navigation on Sea

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