Groningen Seaports Upgrades Successfully “Online” To STYRIS® VTS New Release

During the month of October Groningen Seaports updated their existing Vessel Traffic Services system software via the Maintenance Support Service leaflet “Lifecycle”.The Lifecycle service developed by the “Maritime Surveillance” centre of competence of Airbus Defence and Space is the vehicle by which Customers can benefit from periodical standard STYRIS VTS Software updates. READ MORE

2017 / 11 - (PDF, 598 KB)


Last June Harwich Haven Authority updated its Vessel Traffic Services system, which has been developed and installed by SIGNALIS, the maritime safety and security centre of competence of Airbus Defence and Space. The Authority, after review and consultation, opted to install STYRIS VTS, the third generation SIGNALIS Vessel Traffic Services system. READ MORE

2017 / 07 - (PDF, 959 KB)

SPATIONAV - French Navy awards SIGNALIS, subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, with Through-Life-Support contract to support French maritime surveillance efforts

Signed on 31 December 2016 by SSF and Airbus DS's subsidiary SIGNALIS, the Spationav through-life-support contract, is a fiveyear framework agreement with a fixed three-year work package and an optional two-year extension. It will be managed in conjunction with two main partner subcontractors, the CyberSecurity entity of Airbus Defence and Space and Avon Communications. READ MORE

2017 / 03 - (PDF, 775 KB)

STYRIS® Maritime Safety, Security and Environmental Protection coverage in Canada

On the 15th of September the commissioning of a new Vessel Traffic Service and shore-based maritime surveillance system took place in Port of Prince Rupert, Canada’s second largest west coast port. The third generation SIGNALIS Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) system – STYRIS VTS provides active vessel monitoring and navigational information to vessels at the Port of Prince Rupert. READ MORE

2016 / 10 - (PDF, 383 KB)

STYRIS® VTS – Martek Limited and SIGNALIS are awarded VTMS system upgrade for Rosslare Europort

On the 9th of June Martek Limited, a long standing partner of SIGNALIS, signed the contract with Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail) for the VTS software upgrade of Rosslare Europort in Ireland. Martek in association with SIGNALIS will perform the upgrade from the current SIGNALIS VTS9740 system to STYRIS VTS. This contract also includes ten years system Maintenance support. READ MORE

2016 / 06 - (PDF, 191 KB)

SIGNALIS – STYRIS® VTS First Step in Korea

The Port of Masan, one of the biggest ports in South Korea and a longstanding customer of SIGNALIS has received an important STYRIS VTS delivery. Joining ten other customers worldwide, Masan shall receive the benefits of SIGNALIS technology insertion via a premier Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) system able to cope effortlessly with today’s Safety & Security requirements. READ MORE

2016 / 05 - (PDF, 465 KB)

STYRIS® – SIGNALIS supports WILDAID for the Monitoring of the Marine Protected Areas in Ecuador

The SIGNALIS system in Ecuador has been accepted last week by WILDAID (represented by Manuel Bravo). The aim of the system is to protect valuable marine and coastal habitats at sea. STYRIS® enables the monitoring of sites with particular natural values as protected areas,... READ MORE

2016 / 04 - (PDF, 216 KB)

Green Award Foundation – SIGNALIS enrollment

On the 16th of December in Bremen, Germany, SIGNALIS Holdings was officially inaugurated into the Green Award Foundation. SIGNALIS is the first Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) provider to join this scheme. On presenting the award Mr. Jan Fransen, Executive Director, of the Green Award Foundation stated ... READ MORE

2015 / 12 - (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Improved Navigation at Sea

Heavy winds swept over the rive Elbe as both, the research vessel “Otzum” and the yacht “Fräulein Smilla” sailed near the port of Cuxhaven demonstrating the exciting results from project COSINUS. The project demonstrator deployed an impressive collection of sophisticated equipment both on land and at sea. READ MORE

2015 / 10 - (PDF, 636 KB)

Suez Canal

In parallel with the New Suez Canal inauguration on the 6th of August, SIGNALIS is proud to announce the achievement of a significant Operational Milestone for the Suez Canal Authority Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS). As part of the Suez Canal Extension our Team has installed several radars and cameras. READ MORE

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Today SIGNALIS has established a dedicated Services Directorate amalgamating the previous departments of After Sales, ILS, Maintenance and Training under a single roof. The Mission of the Services Directorate in its simplest form is Customer Care. Our Vision is to embrace a Digital Transformation of Customer Services worldwide. READ MORE

2015 / 03 - (PDF, 485 KB)

Integrated weather station for maritime safety and security demonstrated at SIGNALIS R&D Facility - La Ciotat

Cooperation between SIGNALIS and VAISALA has culminated in the successful integration of the VAISALA Automatic Weather Station AWS430 into the SIGNALIS STYRIS® product. SIGNALIS end-users can now access high quality and reliable weather station information via a single click. READ MORE

2015 / 01 - (PDF, 516 KB)


Signalis, a joint subsidiary of Airbus Defence & Space and Atlas Elektronik,is a world leader in maritime and harbour surveillance and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) products. VTS systems track maritime traffic in ports and their approaches, coastal shipping lanes and straits by overlaying information from various sensors including radars, surveillance cameras and AIS transceivers. READ MORE

2014 / 10 - (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Maritime Surveillance

Integrated surveillance systems monitor shipping to provide a real-time picture of movements in harbour areas and around strategic installations for port authorities, maritime agencies and critical infrastructure operators. READ MORE

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Integrated above and underwater security system to be unveiled at Euronaval

SIGNALIS and ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK have jointly developed an interface for the Cerberus Mod 2 Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) into Signalis’ STYRIS system providing a market leading Coastal Surveillance solution featuring fully integrated above and underwater surveillance sensors. READ MORE

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EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH geht mit Seeraumbeobachtung online

In Berne Bardenfleth wurde am 22. September 2014 das neue Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) der EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH durch Thomas van der Laan (Bereichsleiter Marine und Offshore Coordination), Ina Winkler (Teamleiterin der Leitstelle) und Caspar Spreter (Geschäftsführer der Windea Offshore GmbH & Co. KG) in Betrieb genommen. READ MORE

2014 / 09 - (Link)

Watching Over Asia’s Coasts

SIGNALIS is a worldwide leader in maritime safety and security developing solutions for Vessel Traffic Services, coastal surveillance and critical infrastructure monitoring. With customers such as Port Authorities, oil & gas companies, coastguards and navies in more than 50 countries, SIGNALIS applications are used to monitor 45,000 kilometres of coastline around the globe. READ MORE

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SIGNALIS delivers the first Vessel Traffic Management System to Sri Lanka

March 2014, SIGNALIS has successfully delivered the Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) to Sri Lanka Port Authority as part of the Colombo Port expansion Project. Over the past decade, Sri Lanka ports have faced a significant growth driven by the increasing demand of services in the international shipping industry and major infrastructure development... READ MORE

2014 / 04 - (PDF, 237 KB)

IALA Bulletin – SIGNALIS provides VTS equipment in Northern Africa

Morocco - In order to appreciate marine traffic management before 2010 it has to be noted that this was managed by Spain in the Strait of Gibraltar. At the same time Morocco had no facilities for managing maritime traffic in the southern part of these waters. READ MORE

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