The Mission of the Services team in its simplest form is Customer Care. Our Vision is to embrace a Digital Transformation of Customer Services worldwide.

This Digital Transformation of Customer Services complements our new product STYRIS and is known as STYRIS Line. Utilizing the feedback attained via the User Conferences, the STYRIS Forum, Customer Surveys, and knowledge attained from Training course critiques we have implemented unique digital applications to enable efficient two-way Communication and Services via a single portal - STYRIS Line.

The STYRIS Line Standard Services allow you to effectively administer and maintain your STYRIS Product regardless of your organization’s size or complexity, to achieve the optimum system availability throughout the lifecycle of your product.

In addition STYRIS Line allows you the Customer via a Catalogue approach, to select the most appropriate support required to meet your technical and budgetary needs.

STYRIS Line catalogue

The catalogue is sub-divided into specific elements which have been designed to encompass the full spectrum of Customer Services - these elements, known as ‘Leaflets’, where appropriate have been digitally transformed to utilize the latest technologies in the provision of Customer Services.

Our Services are delivered via our Teams within Europe, Regional Hubs located in Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Taiwan and China or via our approved  partners.

Our team remains committed to support our Legacy Systems in accordance with contractual obligations. Rest assured those Customers who have not migrated to one or more of our third generation STYRIS product(s) will still profit from our Services transformation.

For further information, please contact our Services team:

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