Next Chapter of History

SIGNALIS, subsidiary of Airbus since its creation in 2011, will be fully integrated as Maritime Surveillance Centre of Competences within Airbus Defence and Space on 1st January 2018.

About us

Welcome to STYRIS World!
A Maritime window to the future

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Our Mission
As Airbus Defence and Space centre of competences for maritime safety and security, we contribute to a safer and more secure maritime environment. We provide fully integrated solutions, simplifying the operational picture, increasing horizons and accelerating the decision process.

Our Vision
To digitally transform the acquisition and dissemination of all Maritime & Coastal data streams

Capitalizing on our long lasting experience (over 25 years) as a world leader in Maritime Surveillance Systems, we ensure continuity in delivering turnkey systems and services to the full satisfaction of our customers, worldwide. With core activities around System Integration of Maritime Safety and Security solutions, STYRIS product leverages on its fundamental criteria of success:

  • Our customers are at the heart of our Development and Services
  • Our leadership in the Maritime Environment
  • Our Product Approach and Innovative Technology
  • Our technical expertise in System Engineering and software development

Our people bring technical “savoir-faire” combined with a culture of Quality ensuring we always deliver to your expectations. In AIRBUS within Defence and Space division, our maritime safety and security centre of competence, offers to its customers the highest flexibility inherited from a medium sized company combined with the strong backup of an international group. 

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