Company values are not only the drivers for our corporate identity and company spirit, they also reflect our way of working, the goals of our entity as well as our strengths:

1 - Excellence
STYRIS reflects the Know-how of our skilled and specialized people.
Our staff are proud to work for the leader of maritime surveillance solutions. Excellence and ambition are our leading word on what we promise, write, develop and implement. Sustainability and performance are our standards.

2 - Customer Focus
The aim of our products and developments is to match customer needs and enable the customer to create value by using high-performance and innovative solutions. Our teams want to build long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, ethics, reliability and close contact to customers.

3 - Sense of responsibilities
Each employee is an integral element of the company demonstrating an ownership mentality by fulfilling his/her work with integrity, pragmatism and energy. Our staff display engagement by leading actions with a “Can do” attitude and mastering interesting challenges including personal development.

4 - Openness across people and teams
Collaboration and mutual support are key to effective team work. Respect and trust within the multicultural teams enables us to build a real team spirit and a pleasant efficient working environment.

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