For over two decades, AIRBUS’ legal entities are continuously ISO 9001 Quality Standard certified companies. The latest renewal was granted in October 2017.

Delivering high class safety and security systems and Serving customers all over the globe, we rely on our workforce and on the multiplier of our partners. Quality Managers ensure follow-up and controls on the whole activities chain, from Preliminary Design up to the Maintenance to ensure consistency, compliancy and customer satisfaction.

With an ability to deliver small, medium and large size project on three market segments: VTS (Vessel Traffic Services), CSS (Coastal Surveillance Systems) and CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection), the know-how remains our fundamental asset. It is therefore critical that our Quality Policy is understood and endorsed by every employee and brings customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

In addition, AIRBUS is committed to sustainable responsible business and have developed accordingly a Health, Safety & Environmental policy.

Quality Management must be as simple, robust and flexible as possible, while being as efficient as possible in the daily operation to minimize the cost of non-Quality and, finally result in an increased profitability for AIRBUS. 

Quality is not only a matter of experts; it is a behavior and a mindset of all employees: to ensure all AIRBUS systems and products meet our own as well as our customer’s high standards!

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