It is often necessary to locate valuable infrastructure assets in potentially dangerous or difficult to protect areas. These sites might include nuclear plants, oil and other energy platforms and rigs, FPSOs, terminals, and military sites. With world terrorism threat levels increasing, authorities recognize a need to deploy technologies to monitor, detect and enable protective measures for such sites.

Our surveillance technology includes a number of specialized features for detecting, tracking, identifying suspected threats, and communicating information to the responsible authorities. Such a system is organized around a network of sensors which typically include Radar (sea and land), AIS, and various types of cameras, Optronics, Frequency Agile Radio Direction Finders, and sometimes Diver sonar detectors. Voice communications channels and ancillary data are also communicated on this network.

These systems use similar technologies and tools as those used for Coast Surveillance applications, but in a more focused environment:

  • Multiple parallel tracking to detect and track small targets even in the presence of large vessels.
  • Day/Night cameras and Thermal Imagers which can be programmed for independent scan or slave to radar tracking.
  • Decision Aids software with preplanned protocols to support interdiction decision making,
  • A structure designed around multiple control centres spread across large areas with multiple layers of authority,
  • Information access and sharing between diverse authorities such as Customs, Immigration, Navy, Coast Guard, including  databases of local and world authorities.  All while maintaining operational security among agencies.
  • Integration of views of sea and air activity,
  • Overall Maritime Domain Awareness coupled with Land Border awareness for overall control,
  • Complete archiving and overall system health and monitoring.

Our technologies are highly developed and have been selected by many energy companies and government authorities.


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